These are the words which inspired the conception of this powerful oil painting - 'The Cost'. Not so much a mere painting, but a convicting experience. "If this really happened, what am I going to do about it?" must be every non-Christian's reaction to a confrontation with 'The Cost Experience Exhibition'.

An original soundtrack, especially commissioned to accompany this invoking work, is composed and performed by anointed Christian musicians from around the world. Each brings their ethnic part to establish the universality of the Gospel Message. A strong echo of Jesus' own Jewish roots resounds through some of the pieces, adding yet another facet of the life of our Saviour, leading up to His torturous sacrifice.

If this visual and audio combination were not enough, an outline tracing of the painting, upon which the pertinent scriptures are pasted, is displayed alongside. Laid on a table nearby 'The Cost', a selection of grisly items bring a third dimension - the crown of thorns, huge rusty nails, the lethal flagrum.

'The Cost Experience Exhibition' provides a passionate gospel experience which can be used powerfully as an outreach tool, as well as bringing a sobering evaluation to any Christian's faith.

A sequal to 'The Cost' is currently in preparation - 'Awake!', an enlightened scriptural depiction of Jesus' resurrection.

If you are interested in booking 'The Cost Experience Exhibition for your Cathedral, Church venue, media exposure or publication, please contact Vargini through email or post:

The Creative Quarter, 10/12 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1RL, United Kingdom


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