'The Cost' was displayed at Ely Cathedral in Holy Week 2005, earthing the celebration of the week in the reality of the crucifixion.

'The Cost' is a graphic depiction of the crucifixion, beautifully drawn and painted, the fruit of prayerful reflection and study. It is accompanied by a display of a crown of thorns, nails, and other artefacts, and by a soundtrack which add a tactile and an aural dimension to the exhibition. The painting is rooted in scripture and a second panel gives the biblical quotations upon which it is based.

Many words could describe the affect of the exhibition: shocking, arresting, haunting...It is a beautiful experience which stays with you and which will not let you overlook the suffering that Christ bore on the cross. It had a profound affect on those who spent time with it, and provided a powerful focus for prayer and meditation.

We were very pleased to be able to display it, and hope it will be more widely exhibited.

The Rev. Canon Peter Sills, Vice Dean of Ely Cathedral.

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